Monday, October 09, 2006

Purpose of this blog

This blog will capture the work on my Carputer (Car + Computer) project.

Carputers (aka Car PCs) are the product of a class of hobby which follows the commercial Telematics industry. Carputers use an in-car PC to combine audio and video entertainment with GPS navigation, satellite radio, and other inputs into a central (often) dashboard mounted touchscreen similar to the factory navigation units seen in luxury cars sold today.

The main difference is that a carputer can be put into any car (like my non-luxury VW Jetta) and the software it runs is completely up to the owner. This is in contrast to the factory navigation units seen in Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, etc...where once you bought it, you're stuck with whatever functionality it has at that moment (or more often the functionality it doesn't have). Therefore, as this industry and hobby matures, carputer owners can upgrade their capability as easy as installing new software on an Windows PC.


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